Crunch Data with furnace-sql

Crunching data from my local files, with SQL, is a task that I come across ever so often. I was never happy with the CLI tools out there and I’m not interested in signing up for some cloud product. So, when I got started with bun a few months ago I immediately saw a way to make use of bun:sqlite !

Getting Started With Bun

Bun is a new JavaScript runtime that is redefining the developer experience and setting some pretty high standards when it comes to performance. As of Feb-24, I’ve not yet had the opportunity to deploy a "serious" project with it, but everything I’ve seen so far is really exciting!

Awesome HTTP Semantics You Should Know

Software engineers love to debate semantics in their code. A discussion on what would be the best name for a function can easily lead to dozens of comments in a code review. But for some odd reason, many engineers are not as passionate about HTTP semantics. Let’s change that!

The Most Common Unit Testing Mistakes

A look at some (potentially) controversial ideas on how to get more value out of your tests. (And how to avoid wasting time and money on useless unit tests.)