Crunch Data with furnace-sql

Crunching data from my local files, with SQL, is a task that I come across ever so often. I was never happy with the CLI tools out there and I’m not interested in signing up for some cloud product. So, when I got started with bun a few months ago I immediately saw a way to make use of bun:sqlite !

TypeScript Enums: The Complete How to Guide

TypeScript Enums are simple, yet powerful feature that can enhance code readability and simplify refactoring. But, there’s some situations where I think you’re better of with a Record…

A Guide to The TypeScript Record Type

It sometimes feels like TypeScript has multiple ways to do the same thing. So, I don’t blame you if you’re not sure about all the pros and cons of using TypeScript’s Record type. It’s a powerful utility, but it has some nuances and potential pitfalls that dev teams can run into.

Getting Started With Bun

Bun is a new JavaScript runtime that is redefining the developer experience and setting some pretty high standards when it comes to performance. As of Feb-24, I’ve not yet had the opportunity to deploy a "serious" project with it, but everything I’ve seen so far is really exciting!