Getting Started With Bun

Bun is a new JavaScript runtime that is redefining the developer experience and setting some pretty high standards when it comes to performance. As of Feb-24, I’ve not yet had the opportunity to deploy a "serious" project with it, but everything I’ve seen so far is really exciting!

Throwaway Functional Prototypes are a Waste of Time

Picture this, your company wants to wow a new customer by presenting them with a prototype (or MVP?) of their next product. The business goal isn’t necessarily to ship – the app will likely not see real users, yet – but rather to build trust with the customer.

Awesome HTTP Semantics You Should Know

Software engineers love to debate semantics in their code. A discussion on what would be the best name for a function can easily lead to dozens of comments in a code review. But for some odd reason, many engineers are not as passionate about HTTP semantics. Let’s change that!

Security Theater: How to Choose Your Battles

When you do things that only create an illusion of security, without actually improving it in any way, you are participating in security theater. This can lead to a counter-effect that actually decreases your security in the worst case or just lead to a big waste of time in the best case.

The Beginner’s Guide to Property-based Testing

Property-based testing is a type of software testing that allows us to test systems by defining properties (or invariants) that should hold true for a range of inputs. I imagine that reading the word "invariant" makes you shiver. Are we back in class? Will there be math in this article? Fear not!