TypeScript is a strongly typed programming language built on top of JavaScript. It enhances the "language of the web" with incredible developer experience support in most IDEs and Code editors.

TypeScript is my primary language of choice for a new project. I used to dread the idea of running it on an actual server (Lambdas made sense), but with the Bun runtime this is no longer the case either. JavaScript is eating the world and TypeScript is eating up JavaScript!

The language is full of utilities that make it possible to do the same thing in different ways. But the devil is always in the details. To become a pro at TypeScript, you should study the type system in-depth and understand all use-cases and common pitfalls.

Some of my articles can help you with that:

A Guide to The TypeScript Record Type
It sometimes feels like TypeScript has multiple ways to do the same thing. So, I don’t blame you if you’re not sure about all the pros and cons of using TypeScript’s Record type. It’s a powerful utility, but it has some nuances and potential pitfalls that dev teams can run into.
TypeScript Enums: The Complete How to Guide
TypeScript Enums are simple, yet powerful feature that can enhance code readability and simplify refactoring. But, there’s some situations where I think you’re better of with a Record…